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We are a leading-edge analytics company focused on bringing a new wave of technology-driven intelligence to plan sponsors which enables them to implement savings initiatives and deliver the most cost effective and clinically appropriate prescription drug programs to their members.

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Self Insured Plans

Self-Insured Plans

Delivering prescription drug program cost business intelligence. 

Insurance Carriers

Insurance Carriers

Charting a new path for predicting and  controlling prescription drug costs.

State & Federal

Local & State Government Entities

Taking prescription drug program costs from variable to predictable.

  • "Hylis Pharmacy Solutions seeks to ensure that health plan sponsors are offering their members the most cost effective drug programs. We do this through unbeatable technology and analytics that steer pricing toward the best interest of the member and the plan sponsor over anyone else."
    --- Craig Kasten, Board Chairman and Co-Founder

Our Leadership

Craig Kasten

Craig Kasten

Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder

Craig Kasten leads SKYGEN USA in bringing next-generation claims management and technology tools together for healthcare organizations interacting with benefits. Mr. Kasten is an accomplished leader whose career in the managed healthcare industry spans 30 years. He is the founder or co-founder of several SKYGEN USA companies, including Wonderbox Technologies, Scion Dental, Vestica Healthcare, American Therapy Administrators and Hylis Pharmacy Solutions. He also co-founded Doral Dental USA and grew the company to a market-dominant position before its sale to DentaQuest Ventures.

Mr. Kasten continues to provide vision, strategic direction and creative support for functional design innovations to the Enterprise System, Wonderbox Technologies’ proprietary benefit management platform. He also provides oversight and strategic direction for new service innovations for Scion Dental and Vestica Healthcare.  

Prior to launching his entrepreneurial career, Mr. Kasten served concurrently as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of CareNetwork, Inc., a publicly traded regional health plan later acquired by Humana.  Mr. Kasten holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Marquette University and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has been licensed as a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Wisconsin.

Mr. Kasten was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young in 2003.  In 2005, he was named a Distinguished Alumnus by the Marquette University School of Business Administration.

Greg Borca

Greg Borca

Chief Executive Officer

Known as an innovator in the benefit management industry, Greg Borca has co-founded and led several successful companies, including Doral Dental USA, Scion Dental, Vestica Healthcare and Hylis Pharmacy Solutions. As Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Borca is responsible for the overall direction and growth of the SKYGEN USA Family of Companies. 

Mr. Borca’s business experience and leadership expertise have enabled him to pioneer more effective strategies for benefit management. By pairing state-of-the-art technology with innovative business models, he has drastically reduced costs while improving the overall experience for members and providers. He has also driven the creation of innovative outreach tactics that increase member access to care. The SKYGEN USA companies under Mr. Borca’s leadership have expanded rapidly into positions of market leadership.

Mr. Borca’s entrepreneurial career began when he founded Resolute Systems, Inc., a national mediation and arbitration company. Before he partnered with Mr. Kasten to create Doral Dental, one of the largest benefit management companies in the U.S., he also founded Mednet of America, Inc.

Mr. Borca holds a Bachelor’s in Organization and Leadership from Marquette University. He serves on the national board for Voices for America’s Children, an organization that advocates for the well-being of children at the federal, state and local levels of government.

Mr. Borca was named an Entrepreneur of the Year in 2003 by Ernst & Young. In 2004 he was named on The Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” list. In 2011 he received a Distinguished Alumnus Award from Marquette University’s College of Professional Studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

To help you find the information you need quickly, we've collected answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Hylis Pharmacy Solutions. Click on a question to have the answer drop down below.

What is Hylis Pharmacy Solutions?

Hylis Pharmacy Solutions is a leading-edge analytics company focused on bringing a new wave of technology-driven intelligence to plan sponsors that enables them to implement savings initiatives that deliver the most cost effective and clinically appropriate prescription drug programs to their members.

How do you identify cost reduction opportunities?

Our experts utilize sister company Wonderbox Technologies’ world-class software to analyze your claims data. Depending on the Hylis Pharmacy Solutions programs you choose, we will examine your PBM’s pricing strategies, the projected cost savings associated with specific changes to your benefit plan design, and/or the cost reduction potential related to medication therapy management within your program. 

Do you recommend that your cost reduction solutions be implemented simultaneously?

Not necessarily. Our analytical and clinical solutions are offered on a menu basis so we can meet each client’s individual business objectives. The Cost Impact and Therapeutic Initiatives are three-year programs. The Medication Therapy Management and Auditing solutions have no time duration requirements. Our solutions can be implemented as needed at the point in time that makes the most sense for our client.

What resources are required on our side to implement one of your solutions?

Our implementation is very straightforward: All that we require from plan sponsors is one year of prescription drug claims data, invoices for the corresponding period, the current PBM Contract and the Summary Plan Description. 

How much could we expect to save?

For most clients, program cost reductions range from 15% to over 25% depending on the initiatives they choose to adopt. 

Would we need to change PBMs if we partner with Hylis Pharmacy Solutions?

Not necessarily. That decision is made by clients after they receive our analysis and recommendations. At that point, clients can elect to stay with their current PBM or select a new PBM. 

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